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  1. I am too sore empièrced with his shaft To soar with his light feathers, and so bound, I cannot bound a pitch above dull woe; Under love's heavy burden do I sink. (Romeo, Romeo and Juliet 1.4.19-22)

O wall, O sweet, O lovely wall

  1. Beatrice
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    I would not deny you; but, by this good day, I yield upon great persuasion; and partly to save your life, for I was told you were in a consumption. 5.4.94-6

  2. Claudio
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    We have been up and down to seek thee; for we are high-proof melancholy and would fain have it beaten away. Wilt thou use thy wit? 5.1.122-124

  3. Beatrice
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    You dare easier be friends with me than fight mine enemy. 4.1.297-8

  4. Beatrice
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    Kill Claudio 4.1.288

  5. Beatrice
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    I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest. 4.1.285-6

  6. Leonato
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    he looks younger than he did, by the loss of a beard. 3.2.44-5

  7. Claudio
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    Yet say I, he is in love. 3.2.28

  8. Don Pedro
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    ... there's no true drop of blood in him, to be truly touched with love: if he be sad, he wants money. 3.2.17-19

  9. Beatrice
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    Why, he is the Prince's jester: a very dull fool; only his gift is in devising impossible slanders: none but libertines delight in him; and the commendation is not in his wit, but in his villany; for he both pleases men and angers them, and then they laugh at him and beat him. 2.1.125-129

  10. Don Pedro
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    I shall see thee, ere I die, look pale with love. 1.1.231

  11. Beatrice
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    I wonder that you will still be talking, Signor Benedick; nobody marks you. 1.1.110-111

  12. Beatrice
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    is Signor Mountanto returned from the wars or no? 1.1.28-29

"I will live a bachelor"


Title: Lord of Padua

Sex: male

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Hometown: Padua

Job: Soldier, serving under Don Pedro (Prince of Aragon) Count Claudio (A lord of Florence)

Often called: “the prince’s jester” or “Signor Mountanto”

Personal philosophy: “One woman is fair, yet I am well. Another is wise, yet I am well. Another is virtuous, yet I am well. But till all graces be in one woman, one woman shall not come in my grace.” (2.3.25-28)

Interests: “the drum and the fife ... a good armour...” (2.3.14-16)