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  1. "All the argument is a whore and a cuckold"(Thersites, Troilus and Cressida, 2.3.65)

O wall, O sweet, O lovely wall

  1. The Watch
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    ’A has been a vile thief this seven year; 'a goes up and down like a gentleman; I remember his name. (3.3.121-123)

  2. Don John
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    Be cunning in the working this and thy fee is a thousand ducats. (2.2.48-49)

  3. Don John
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    I wonder that thou – being as thou sayst thou art, born under Saturn – goest about to apply a moral medicine to a mortifying mischief. (1.3.10-12)

"when rich villains have need of poor ones, poor ones may make what price they will."


Title: Soldier

Sex: male

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Hometown: Messina

Job: Soldier and companion to Don John

Also known as: Conrade (in our production the two characters have been combined).

About me: "Stand thee close, then, under this penthouse, for it drizzles rain, and I will, like a true drunkard, utter all to thee." (3.3.100-102)

Personal philosophy: "Thou knowest that the fashion of a doublet, or a hat, or a cloak, is nothing to a man... seest thou not what a deformed thief this fashion is?" (3.3.113-120)