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The Green Room

The green room is a space for the actors and all the creative crew to relax and hang out. Actors spend their tea breaks and lunch in the green room. They also use the green room during rehearsals when they are not needed. They often use the space to learn lines or discuss their characters with each other.

When the show is running, actors will use the green room to wait in until their hear it's almost their cue over the tanoy. They put their feet up and preserve their energy, discuss events that might have just happened on the stage or sometimes just have a drink of water and try and stay focused. After the show the director often uses the green room to give the cast their notes.

Student Halta Haxhia tells us about conversations in the green room...

When we were in that room, when we were drinking coffee and stuff, we asked them some questions and I asked how they got into acting, and they just said like how they did three years of drama school and Tom Davey said that he went to uni first but then he went to drama school afterwards.