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So what does happen in rehearsals? On the first day of rehearsals there is a 'meet and greet' where all the cast and creative team get an opportunity to have a cup of tea and introduce themselves. It is a bit like the first day of school. Everyone is nervous and a little shy. The director talks about her vision for the show and the designer shows everyone the model box and goes through basic costume designs for each character. Then everyone sits in a circle and reads through the director's edit of the play. This is the first time that the cast hears how their fellow actors are playing their parts.

We sneaked a few students into the rehearsal room so that they could tell you what they think of what happens in there. Read their thoughts below...

They were grown adults and they were rolling on the floor and, I don't know, it just feels like they were really comfortable with their body and their physicality - you don't really expect that from adults of their age to do anything like that... Us ourselves, we're still in secondary school and sometimes when they ask us to roll on the floor we're like 'really ..?', so to see people like that, it really reassured me that it's ok to do it.

Sumia Labid

It was interesting how the director wanted the guy playing Benedick to do different stuff with the lines, how first when he was playing Benedick and he seems kind of aggressive, and then suddenly she asked him to be playful because he is winding up Claudio so he started jumping around, rolling on the floor and he became a bit more like a child, very boyish, and I started to understand why the director had done that because you wanted to feel that he was teasing Claudio and it made it more like he was teasing Claudio.

Comfort Nwabia (on act 1, scene 1)

It didn't feel like she was, I'm not saying she wasn't in control, but it didn't seem like she was in control and everyone followed her. It feels like they did whatever they felt was right and she would give guidance. It was like she was guiding them rather than directing them... and she didn't say, 'OK, I wanted you to do that instead of that', she was, lik, 'maybe you might give it a thought of acting this way rather than someone to direct them. That was how it was put accross, rather than whne you're in school and your teacher says 'No, I want you to say it that way', and you say it that way, but even though you don't feel comfortable yourself you've got to do it, but it didn't feel like that. They were so confident because they knew what they wanted to do.

Sumia Labid (on the role of the director)