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The student's view

 Students from St. Saviour's & St Olave's School review the show. They give us their honest opinion about the bits they liked and the bits they didn't. If you have thoughts about the show or if you are studying the play then you can post your opinions on the discussion boards in the Themes and Issues section of this website. Have you seen the play in performance, perhaps at a local theatre? How is the play different when it is performed to when it is read?

I went to see the performance of Much Ado About Nothing and enjoyed it so much!! When I got there it was so cold so we got blankets from Globe workers. The stage looked lovely and when the play started I got in to the story. When I visited the Globe one afternoon they were having the technical rehearsal and dress rehearsal and it was really amazing to see what had changed and what had stayed the same. It also made me realise how much the audience being there makes it different. It felt more alive with the audience's reactions. I was standing at the front and could see everything. It was so funny, I enjoyed every bit of it. The experience of being involved before the production and then seeing it was amazing. Seeing this play has encouraged me to get more involved with Shakespeare's works and has shown me that they can be fun and understandable.

Hannah Judge

I have had the privilege to visit the globe theatre TWICE! People may think visiting the Globe is boring and to be honest, so did I. We would have to hear about the history of the place, see the props and sit around watching a Shakespeare play! Boring right? Wrong! It was actually really interesting to learn about the way the place was first thought of and then how it was built to be the place we all know as ‘The Globe’. The props were brilliant! There was a wedding cake in the corner backstage, which looked so real it made me have an appetite! All the props were so realistic it’s amazing! There were some props which were more modern, so you’d think they’d look out of place, but they blended in nicely as it help for the audience to find the play more interesting and more ‘now’. The rehearsal we saw was really good! It was interesting to see how much they’d improved from the last time I saw them. All the people helping the actors have done a great job! The actors are really good, you never know, first the Globe, then Hollywood! Keep it up guys.

 Halta Haxhia

As someone who is very fond of Shakespeare, I felt extremely honoured and privileged to be able to witness the great work of the master himself ‘William Shakespeare’ at his own theatre. I have studied Much Ado in the past and previously watched a performance of it, however nothing compared to what I saw at the Globe, if fully lived up to my expectations.

I thought the play was outstanding and a major r3eason for this was the twist of modernization which was incorporated in the play. Using the songs from Grease made the play incredibly fun and enjoyable, for me being in the audience it made me get up on my feet and join in with the songs which shows the performance was really engaging.

The actors were all phenomenal but I was especially drawn to the actress who played Beatrice. I felt she played her superbly and really connected with the audience well, on the whole I thought all the actors connected with the audience considering there were so many people and also taking in account the layout of the theatre. The actors made sure everyone could see what was happening and that certain lines were directed at different parts of the audience.

The use of props such as the wedding dress that lit up was really cool and I personally think was very effective in the play, as in Shakespearean times you wouldn’t have a dress that lit up with blue lights however it goes back to modernization in the play which was fantastic.

Overall the play was exceptional and I would definitely come again and recommend it to others. I loved every bit of the play and there was nothing I didn’t enjoy, it even made up for the bad weather. I definitely took this performance and the actors it gave me a lot of inspiration and helped me when performing Hamlet at the Globe, which was another great performance.


Demi Eleftheriou