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Do characters behave the same in public as in private?

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  1. MS

    16th of May 2008

    I think the characters act diffrent in Public. A perfect example is Benedick. When Benedick is alone all he does is express his love for Beatrice. But when he is with people he says he doesnt love her and dislikes her. I think Benedick is like that because he doesnt want anyone to know he loves her and when he is with people he says he will never marry. Another character who act diffrent when she is alone is Beatrice. When she is alone she says she loves Benedick and other romantic things. But when she is in public she says she hates him and he is dumb and all that stuff. I think she is diffrent when she is alone because she is so stuck up. Everyone thinks she will never mary because she is so picky. That is what I think

  2. J.J's response

    16th of May 2008

    Yes I do think that characters act different in public than in private. Because when Claudio heard that the Prince was wooing Hero for himself he started to talk about the Prince and get mad. Then he found out that the Prince didnt really woo her for he got happy again and started to talk to the Prince. Another reason why I think that the characters act different in private then in public is that Benedick and Beatrice hate each other in public but they love each other in private. At the beginning of the book Beatrice is making fun of Benedick wen the messanger comes. Also he says that he would never get married but then he tells Beatrice that he is in love with her. So that is why I think that people act different in private then in public.

  3. CD

    16th of May 2008

    The character of "Much Ado About Nothing", a play by William Shakespeare, act differently in private than they do in public. They act themselves in private but in public they hide who they are. In private Benedick likes Beatrice and Beatrice likes Benedick, but in public they hate each other and make fun of each other. Don John is another character who acts differently in private than he does in public. Don John acts like he wants to help everyone in public like when he wanted to show Claudio that Hero was "cheating" on him. Most people believed Don John because he is a prince. In private Don John is evil and makes plans on how to destroy whatever good that's going on.

  4. T.G. A true Character

    16th of May 2008

    Sometimes a character acts the same in public and private, sometimes not. In 'Much Ado About Nothin", Benedick acts the same in private and public. he behaves like a jester. he does it in private with friends or when he talks with himself. But all that changes when he is tricked in beliving Beatrice"loves" him. In private Benedick acts like a jester because he is used to act liek that in front of his friends. In public he conastantly makes fun of Beatrice. The change in his behaivor tells us he wants to grow up and act more mature. The reason he acted lije that is because is gave him joy but now he is mature enough to calm down. so i do think benedick acted the same in private and public until he fell in love.

  5. R.W.

    7th of May 2008

    Characters do indeed behave different in public then in private in a number of ways, and fo a number of different reasons in this story.Both Benedicik and Beatrice are the worst offender. Both have small soiliquys in the play when they reflect on something in private that they just heard in public because to afraid to say it to each other/. Also they are confused between wheather or not they love each other so they have to consult with themselves in private because they arent brave enough to consul each other public. Benedick and Beatrice both also try to act like there such mean people in public like no other guy or girl is good enough for either one of them. While in private there not that mean there both kind of sensitive they both wrote poems for each other but not knowing the other one would lay eyes on it

  6. public vs private

    7th of May 2008

    The characters in the play "Much to Do About Nothing" act different in private than they do in public because they say what they truley feel. For example Benedick says he hates Beatrice to everyone but when he is alone he exclaims how inlove he is in private. Benedick expressing how he feels but in public he expresses how he hates Beatrice and in private he expresses his love. I think they act different because they don't know how each other truley feels about one another.

  7. public or private

    1st of Apr 2008

    there is no way the charecters behave the same way in public as they do in private this is perfectly shown when at the end of the play Bennadick is asking beatrice to marry him and she is denying her love for him i think a lot of the other charecters show a side in private with their family that they would never show to the public eye another scene that shows some of the true colours of the chareters is the wedding scene the first wedding that is it shows a loy t= of the charesters and how worried they were about there status and how they apear to the outside world

  8. Behaviour

    5th of Mar 2008

    The characters will never behave the same as they do in private, as they may feel embarressed and would not want to share their thoughts with everyone - scary!

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