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What do you think about Much Ado About Nothing?

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  1. K.M response

    24th of May 2008

    Much Ado About Nothing, in my opinion, was an okay book. I liked the basics of it. How he made the relationships like real ones, not like a fairy tale ending. Relationships have their moments when people fight. You also see how marriages were back in the olden days. The father got more of a say in the marriage than the wife to be. Overall I thought it was pretty good, it had parts that kind of confused me but other than that it was good.

  2. J.K. response

    16th of May 2008

    Shakespeare in my opinion writes amazing books. "Much Ado About Nothing" is a very good book. The book shows you how back in the olden days how the rules of marriage were, and you can see how they have drastically changed. The book is basically about getting two people to fall in love while Don Jon and Borachio are trying to make eveyone dislike eachother. One of the hookups that I liked was Beatrice and Benedick. The reason why I liked that hookup was because they both liked eacother a lot but they played it off by acting like they liked eachother. They were both tricked into falling in love but in the end they both fell for it. Don Jon during the whole book was making everyone's life a disaster, and thats what I think made the book more interesting. When Don Jon told Claudio that Hero was with another man,and then when they saw two people in the window it made Claudio go crazy by thinking it was Hero. Beatrice and Benedick fell deeply in love and got married, while Claudio and Hero didn't.

  3. H.D. Response

    16th of May 2008

    The book Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare was an excellent book. I would recommend it to anyone who likes reading books about love or drama. It is about this man, Claudio, and this girl, Hero, and they are to get married in a couple of days. They go through these days not knowing about each other and going through drama, until the wedding. I would give this book 4 stars out of 5 because there were parts of the book that were confusing to me. But other than those parts that were confusing the book/play was relitively easy. I would say you should go and find this play and read it.

  4. CN's response

    16th of May 2008

    In my opinion of "Much Ado About Nothing" by William Shakespeare, it was a very good book. Shakespeare shows how relationships back in that time is very hard to keep together. Also the book shows how easily marriage can fall apart, but how they can get back together. One relationship that fell apart in the book was Hero's and Claudio's relationship. They all thought that Hero cheated on Claudio because they thought they saw her in the window. In the end though Claudio still loved Hero and married her. So, this book shows how relationships were back then.

  5. tralala

    7th of May 2008

    Much Ado About Nothing by shakespeare is an okay book. The plot wasn't to "off your seat" thrilling so i did not enjoy it as much. The comic relief was a touch of funny through his part. The book was extremly predictable and made it further less "grap your attention" kind of book. The book was overall not bad but also not good either. In act 5 sence 1 Benedick challenges Claudio but ends up leaving and says "Fare you well. you know my mind. I will leave you now to your gossip like humor." They end up fighting so theres is no action in the movie. Also Dogberry is quite funny when he tries to act smart but sounds completly stupid. such as when he says " come, bring away the plaintiffs." Which he ment to say defendents. also when he calls himself an ass thinking it is a complement. all in all in this was a striaght forward book.

  6. My Response

    7th of May 2008

    I thought that the book "Much Ado About Nothing", by William Shakespeare was a good book. It was a great book because the play was about things that are apart of human-life. Regardless of what century you live in, you will be able to relate to this book. The reason for this is because this drama occurs every where. I enjoyed the book even more because the type of things that occur in the play happen a lot in my age group or high school. So many emotions such as love, hate, jealousy, and justice occur at my school so therefore many people can relate. For example, at my school a lot of gossiping occurs and in the book it is the same thing. These emotinos occur in the play and that is why i enjoyed the play.

  7. A.C

    7th of May 2008

    I thought Much Ado About NOthing was more like something that could happen in high school. Lot of drama going around in one small town that everyone knows each other. For like Claudio believing on someone's word that he doesn't even know can trust. Which he can't since he had a fight with him. Spreading a rumor against Hero even though she couldn't defend herself. It was a dramatic book. Happy and sad moments happen through the book. Just like in high school things go around that people don't know if they are true. However, the lies are still spread through others people ears to hear. I really liked it the book since is wasn't much tragedy that went around. Also there were some people in the book that made it funny.

  8. What I think

    7th of May 2008

    I think the play was an okay. The reason for this is because in different parts of the play.To me is was kind of hard to understand at some points. Then there were parts that I liked. Parts like the romantic scenes. For example Claudio and Hero and Beatrice and Benedick. The reason for Benedick and Beatrice because at some points they didn't have anything goos to say nad then towards the end they like one another. Another reason why I thought it was okay was because at some point everyone didn't like each other. I didn't understand how they had a memorial for Hero without her body. Leonato disliked his daughter becuase he thought that she did those things. in the play it says "Wherefore? Why doth not every earthy thing cry shame upon her? Could she here deny. The story that is printed in her blood?- Do not live Hero. do not ope thine eyes. For did I think thou wouldn't not quickly die" ( Act4 Sc1 lines 128-132) He didnt care for his daughter at the time. He was basically disgusted be her. In conclusion this is what I thought about the play.

  9. My response

    7th of May 2008

    In my opinion the book Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare was a very good book. It relates to the modern day as well as any other century. That is what's so good about the book. you can relate it to any time period. It's good for high school kids to read because there is drama and rumors just like a regular high school. there is also love hate relationships just like a high school. I also liked this book because of all the types of relationships. First Beatrice and Benedick "hate" each other when really they loved each other. I like books that have those types of situations in them because it's easier to relate to. I also like those types of situations because they are intersting and it will make me really get into the book. When Don John tells CLaudio about Hero "cheating" is also something that is intersting. Although lying about cheating is wronq it does catch my attention and make me want to read this book. All in all Much Ado About Nothing was a very intersting book.

  10. I think...

    7th of May 2008

    I thought that much ado about nohting was a good story, it kept me interested to see what was going to happen next. i particularly enjoyed the humor that was used whenever Dogberry was around. His nonsensical speeches were absolutely hilarious. My favorite thing that Dogberry did was when he wanted everyone to know that he was an ass because the Sexton wouldn't write it down. I also enjoyed the humor used between Beatrice and Benedick. The things they said to each other were so derogatory that it was funny. i also enjoyed the fact that this story could be appied to many things today. Sabotage is definitely somehting that takes place today. Don John was very good at trying to sabotage H?ero and Claudio's wedding. Another thing that can be applied to today's life is that people stand each other up at the alter all the time over lies. Claudio was lied to and he wound up "killing" Hero

  11. Do the characters behave the same in public as in private?

    7th of May 2008

    During the play Don John acts differently in private than he does in public. In public Don John is pleasent and does not give away his true character. He appears Helpful, like when he tells Claudio that someone is going to woo Hero and if he wants proof he should go to there window that night to see. In private Don John tries to get back at Claudio for what Claudio did in the war. Don John tricks claudio into thinking that Don Pedro is trying to woo Hero for himself instead of wooing Hero for Claudio like they had planned. Claudio belives him until don Pedro and Beatrice show him that he is wrong. The second time Don John tries to trick Claudio is when he makes claudio belive that Hero is being unfaithful, and Claudio belives him. Don John is figured out when Dogberry catches Borachio and Conrade after overhearing them say what really happened.

  12. What I thought about Much Ado About Nothing.

    7th of May 2008

    I did not like "Much Ado About Nothing" very much. It wasn't written in a form that was easy to understand because it is worded differently. It was obviously meant to be a play, though. Even written in an older version of english it is easy to see that it is supposed to be a play. An example of that is when the characters are alone they appear to be talking to themselves but are really supposed to address the audience.

  13. What Did I think about Much Ado About Nothing?

    7th of May 2008

    I did not like "Much Ado About Nothing" very much. It wasn't written in a form that was easy to understand because it is worded differently. It was obviously meant to be a play, though. Even written in an older version of english it is easy to see that it is supposed to be a play. An example of that is when the characters are alone they appear to be talking to themselves but are really supposed to address the audience.

  14. Do have a go!

    4th of May 2008

    It is certainly one of my favourite plays! I have never performed it but I was actually getting together with some people to maybe work on it soon - let's see if we can make it! Just pay special attention to Benedick and Beatrice and their enchanting dialogues! We can see Shakespeare and all his magic will live forever because of the poetry and wisdom we find in every line, in every character, in every play. So do have a go, read it and peform it! You won't regret it at all, I swear! And if by any chance you feel it didn't work, learn with the words of Othello and have another go: 'Put out the light, and then put out the light. If I quench thee, thou flaming minister, I can again thy former light restore Should I repent me.'

  15. DVD

    1st of May 2008

    Watch the DVD. It is pretty good and gives you an idea of how the play should be performed.

  16. miss

    20th of Apr 2008

    We had the play performed to us at school just before the holidays. After we had read it through by acting out the parts in class and watch parts of it from the dvd. I havent read much of shakespeares works but apart from Mid Summer nights dream i really enjoyed it.

  17. extrodanary play

    1st of Apr 2008

    this play is bascilly about to different types of love the first being the typical type of love with hero and claudio and how people can see each other and fall head over heels which is mainly the sterottypical type of love the other tye of love in the play is is a more unsteriotypical type of love and how people can be in love and relize it i think shakespeare was trying to show how there was other typed of love and they all work some more than others

  18. loved it

    27th of Mar 2008

    Much ado was where i first really 'fell in love' with shakespeare and his plays! i had studied Macbeth at school and absolutely hated it but i watched the DVD and then read the play of Much Ado and found i absolutley loved it! It also lead me on to Taming of a shrew - fantastic! Investigated gender relationships in Much Ado for my A2 English Language coursework and it got me an A so i have a lot to thank it for lol! Han

  19. playing shakespeare

    27th of Mar 2008

    well i think it was a vary good thing to show to your 8th grade class if you are studying shakespeare in class, I would show it to my classmates

  20. master

    20th of Mar 2008

    i find after studying the play that it was interesting however it does get boring but the old film was good and stuck to the script very well. The new film didnt thus i found it hard to follow.

  21. Mr

    10th of Mar 2008

    Now that I think about it, it might even explain the name of the main male character... Benji

  22. Mr

    10th of Mar 2008

    Is it true that 'Nothing' in Elizabethan times was a slang word for vagina? I'm not sure if that makes the play easier to understand or not. Benji

  23. Mrs

    9th of Mar 2008

    I saw Much Ado about Nothing on DVD recently. It was my first experience of Shakespeare. I thought it was really great, and could not turn it off. Jacky Age 45

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